Avril at Romsey

… and Lancefield and Riddells Creek and Mount Macedon

Sermon: Recognising Christ in Word, Sacrament and by Welcoming the Stranger

Sermon for Romsey and Lancefield
Easter 3, 8 May 2011

Luke 24:13-35

In these weeks after Easter we’re jumping around the gospels. On Easter Sunday we had the resurrection according to Matthew; last week, we had John’s tale of Thomas, who first doubted and then believed. Today we have two disciples on the road to Emmaus, a story told only by Luke and, in the opinion of some commentators, Luke’s masterpiece. Each of the gospel writers tells of different encounters between the resurrected Jesus and the disciples, but they all share themes in common. The empty tomb by itself was not enough to create faith. Faith is not a matter of empirical evidence, of being able to place fingers in Jesus’ wounds. Faith in the resurrected Christ is just that, faith. And so it’s no less available to us who live millennia after the events, as it was to the first disciples. Continue reading


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