Avril at Romsey

… and Lancefield and Riddells Creek and Mount Macedon

Please pray for everyone affected by the fires

I am about to go to church and get ready for the first service of the day. I don’t know what people will want to do – the service I planned no longer fits. And I’ll keep my phones on in case I get called out for the Recovery phase. Please, please pray for all those in mourning, for all those fighting the fires, for all those volunteering. And ministers and others, if you have any liturgies that can help, please send them to me

Loving God, we come before you this morning,
knowing that just as your share our joys,
you also grieve with us in times of sorrow. Continue reading


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In The Hunt is on its way

So, remember that essay I wrote last year on the TV show Supernatural? The one that I didn’t call ‘A Very Supernatural Theodicy’? Well, the book that it is in is about to be published.  The press release is below the cut. Check it out.

In The Hunt cover Continue reading

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