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Uniting Church President on Gaza

I haven’t seen anything about this in the media. Maybe I missed it, since I’ve spent most of the past week at NCYC. It seems to me to be a reasonable comment, so I’ve copied it here in case other people missed it too.

As far as I’m concerned the Christian position on the current situation is that God passionately loves every human being, whatever their race, religion, nationality. God created every human being – all are of equal value and worth. And thus the untimely death of any is a tragedy and if caused by the violence of others is to be utterly condemned. Hamas’ killing of Israelis and Israel’s killing of Palestinians are equally heinous; the world should condemn both and demand a ceasefire on both sides.

6 January 2009


The President of the Uniting Church in Australia, Reverend Gregor Henderson, has today expressed dismay about the attitude of the Australian Government towards the loss of life in Gaza.

“Our acting Prime Minister readily and rightly condemns the actions of Hamas in firing rockets into Israel, which have killed some 20 Israelis in recent times,” Rev. Henderson said.

“However, Julia Gillard has used far weaker language when speaking about the killing of over 500 Palestinians in Gaza since Christmas. Are the lives of Palestinians worth less than the lives of Israelis?”

Rev Henderson said that Christians believe every human being is loved by God and is precious in God’s sight.

“We deplore the rocket attacks from Gaza, we deplore the brutal military action of the Government of Israel, not least its killing of defenseless civilians. We deplore the fact that Israel did not take the opportunity afforded by the ceasefire last year to begin peace talks with Hamas alongside the peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.”

Rev Henderson reiterated the Uniting Church’s strong support for the right of the state of Israel to exist within secure borders, but said that these rights do not give Israel, or any state, the right to destroy its neighbours with impunity.

“The most likely outcome of the current military action is the creation of yet another generation of Palestinians without hope, with deepened hatred for Israel, who will know and want only the ways of violence.

“An immediate ceasefire and a commitment to talk with Hamas, as well as with the Palestinian Authority, to find a mutual permanent solution is the only way forward.

“We plead with the Australian Government to be much more even-handed in its condemnations and to work hard in public and behind the scenes for a ceasefire and for peace negotiations,” Rev. Henderson said.


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  1. I totally agree with Gregor, and who would not? Let us hope that Barack O’s representative might be inspired to try harder. Avril, how as NCYC?

    Comment by Elizabeth | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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