Avril at Romsey

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It’s finally really official

So, having had a Service of Recognition in April 2007 when I began my placement at my four congregations; and then an Ordination in October 2008 when I turned into a Rev.; yesterday I was Inducted into those same four congregations and became absolutely, really, finally, officially their minister. Continue reading


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Uniting Church President on Gaza

I haven’t seen anything about this in the media. Maybe I missed it, since I’ve spent most of the past week at NCYC. It seems to me to be a reasonable comment, so I’ve copied it here in case other people missed it too.

As far as I’m concerned the Christian position on the current situation is that God passionately loves every human being, whatever their race, religion, nationality. God created every human being – all are of equal value and worth. And thus the untimely death of any is a tragedy and if caused by the violence of others is to be utterly condemned. Hamas’ killing of Israelis and Israel’s killing of Palestinians are equally heinous; the world should condemn both and demand a ceasefire on both sides.

6 January 2009


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