Avril at Romsey

… and Lancefield and Riddells Creek and Mount Macedon

Finally! Ordination Photos

I promise that some deep thoughts on my ordination will follow soon.

One (less than deep) thing that I have noticed is that ordination seems to have removed the part of my brain that tells days and months. As in: rang up a member of a congregation; chatted with her; then she asked if I wanted to talk to her husband. I said, “Oh, isn’t he at class? It’s Tuesday”. “No”, she said, “it’s Wednesday”. Then my organist turned up at church yesterday and I looked at her and said: “What are you doing here? I thought you were taking November off?” “Yes”, she said, “but it’s still October”. One friend (mother of two) tells me that this means that ordination has the same effect as childbirth.

So, photos! Continue reading


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Soon, I promise

I don’t seem to have time to breathe at the moment, let alone write meaningful posts about my ordination. I will eventually, I promise.

Until then, have an acrostic sent to me by Fritz-Gerald from Haiti, with whom I studied at Bossey. English is his third language, I think, so I’m pretty madly impressed by this.

A special Ordained Woman Like you
Very proud, you’re enlighting our heart
Remember that we always keep in touch
It’s God’s gift our meetting and our studies at Bossey
Life is beautiful, Christ give us blessed life, Praise to Him.

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