Avril at Romsey

… and Lancefield and Riddells Creek and Mount Macedon

A very pleasant Sunday

Olivia and Olivia

Olivia and Olivia

Avril and Milly

Avril and Milly

Lancefield Uniting Church

Lancefield Uniting Church


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I told you exercise makes me sick!

This is a disgusting story, so don’t read any further if you have a weak stomach.

This morning I went for the gym for the first time since before I got sick. That week and a half without exercising had made a big difference; weights that had been starting to get easy were hideously painful again. But I made it through 45 minutes and headed for home.

On the road between Riddells Creek and Romsey I started to feel sick. Then I felt even sicker. Then I realised that I was about to vomit. There was no shoulder to the road and no safe place for me to pull over. So I tried to control my stomach. It didn’t work.

Disgustingly, my stomach emptied itself of my breakfast, all over me, all over the steering wheel, all over the handbrake, all over the floor at my feet. By the time I found somewhere to park safely my stomach was almost completely empty, but there was enough left in it for a couple of pathetic heaves by the side of the road. None of the cars passing bothered to stop, for which I was profoundly grateful, given that I was literally covered in vomit.

Got home; threw everything I was wearing, including my sneakers, into the washing machine; had a shower; spent half an hour cleaning my car.

See: exercise is evil! It makes me sick!

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Being sick isn’t actually any fun

Since getting a job with a real salary (well, actually, a vocation with a stipend – theologically very different but still more regular money than I’ve ever had before) I’ve been buying DVDs. When I finish ministry and have nowhere to live because I never saved the money for a house – it’s the DVDs that will be to blame. Every time I buy a television series I look at the box and think: I’m never going to have time to watch this; I wish I was sick and could just lie on the couch watching television. Continue reading

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Forum on Student Poverty

University of Melbourne Chaplain, Wes Campbell, in association with JustAct, presents:


Tues 14 October (5-8pm), University of Melbourne – 1st Floor, Alan Gilbert Building (Executive Lounge)

HURRY, PLEASE RSVP AT: www.vista.org.au in Upcoming Events – places are limited.

The witty and wise JJJ and SBS media personality Bob Maguire is the MC.

Keynote speaker: Bronwyn Pike, Minister for Education, Victorian Government.

Jokes about student poverty are wearing a little thin. This year, The Age (2/7) reported that even at the prestigious University of Melbourne, hundreds of students are experiencing homelessness. As part of the annual Anti-Poverty Week 2008 initiative, the Just Education network of the Justice and International Mission Unit (Uniting Church in Australia – Synod of Victoria and Tasmania) invites you to a forum at the University of Melbourne on the 14th of October entitled EDUCATION AT THE EDGES.


* Austudy, Youth Allowance – below the poverty line

* International students – second class?

* TAFE and disadvantage

* Educational alternatives?

Stellar line-up:

Vickie Roche, Master of Arts (Writing): prison education and Indigenous Australians; Peter Horbury – Coordinator, Welfare Rights Unit (Vic): Youth Allowance, Austudy etc. and work; Sharon Smith – International Research Officer, NUS: fair go for international students; Cyndy Connole – Community Coordinator, LHMU (Vic): refugee education and employment; Mary Campbell, Relations Coordinator, Institute for Advancing Community Engagement, Catalyst-Clemente, ACU: alternative education at the edges; Veronica Volkoff – Research Fellow, Uni of Melbourne: disadvantage in TAFE; Beverley Campbell, Research consultant: adult education, history and future.

HURRY, PLEASE RSVP AT: www.vista.org.au – places are limited (see Upcoming Events section).

JustAct www.justact.org.au  

Just Education network www.justeducation.org.au (site coming soon)

You can run an Anti-Poverty Week 2008 event, go to – http://www.antipovertyweek.org.au/

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