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News on my sister

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My sister is okay. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers – I really appreciate them. Further nitty-gritty details follow.

By the time I got to the hospital yesterday morning (and of course my sister and accompanying family would have decided to move two hours’ drive away) her pain had been narrowed to three options: appendicitis; kidney stones; ruptured ovarian cyst. We were told to hope for ruptured ovarian cyst, because that would require no further treatment. She was completely doped up on morphine, so she wasn’t in pain – just really tired of being in Emergency. I niece-sat, while my brother-in-law stayed with her and his parents went home to shower and change.

I took my niece to the church closest to the hospital – enormous, centre-of-the-city church with two ministers – where we prayed with candle-lighting and then played with the toys they have for children. One of the ministers there is a friend of mine, but I think they would have been as nice to any random relatives-of-the-sick who wandered in. My niece got cordial and biscuits and toys to play with and I got a quiet place to sit and think.

My sister was given a bed after 24 hours in emergency – because, she suspects, any longer in emergency without being admitted or discharged would have mucked up their statistics. Various tests found a couple of ovarian cysts [gosh, she’s going to love to know I’m sharing this level of gynecological detail around the world! :-)] so the doctors decided that the pain had been a third one rupturing. She’s to go and see a gynecologist in four weeks to see if the two remaining have gone on their own. If they haven’t, or if another ruptures, they’ll see about removing them surgically.

So, given the amount of pain she was in the outcome is the best case scenario.

I asked her whether it was more or less pain than childbirth – she said about the same but it felt worse because she wasn’t going to get a baby out of it.

The hospital kept her in a second night to make sure she was able to keep food down and the pain didn’t come back, and she was released this morning. She’s now at her home and my brother-in-law is taking another day or so off work, so I’ve come back to my home.

I have not had much sleep. The first night I was just worried about my sister; the second night I was keeping an eye on my nephew who’d cried himself to sleep because Mummy was having another sleepover at the hospital. And now I’m really tired. Going to crash today, and get back into serious work tomorrow.


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  1. Sleep well.

    Comment by Liah | June 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. Crash away, serious work is always there.

    Comment by PaulW | June 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. glad everything’s on the improve!!

    Comment by Rosie | June 19, 2008 | Reply

  4. Apologies for the late arrival on this scene…but prayers and blessings for a continued recovery!

    Comment by Brendan | June 21, 2008 | Reply

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