Avril at Romsey

… and Lancefield and Riddells Creek and Mount Macedon

Halfway through my threescore and ten …

I realised that I truly was middle-aged yesterday when I sat with the Riddells Creek Craft Group discussing the different tablets we all take in the morning. In particular, the discussion of which fish oil/omega three supplements we’re all on.

Yup, getting old here.


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A quote for Alex

Reading God & Empire: Jesus Against Rome, Then and Now by John Dominic Crossan and I came across this description of an image of Jesus in Istanbul’s Church of St. Savior (now a museum):

Mosiac from Istanbul\'s Church of St. Savior

As you pass from outer to inner narthex, the doorway is crowned with a magnificent mosaic of Christ Pantokrator … As in all such Eastern Icons, frescoes or mosaics of Christ, his right hand is raised in an authoritative teaching gesture, with his fingers separated into a twosome and a threesome to command Christian faith in the two natures of Christ and the three persons of the Trinity. As usual, he holds a book in his left hand. But he is not reading the book – it is not even open, but securely closed and tightly clasped.

Christ does not read the Bible, the New Testament or the Gospel. He is the norm of the Bible, the criterion of the New Testament, the incarnation of the Gospel. That is how we Christians decide between a violent and nonviolent God in the Bible, New Testament, or Gospel. The person, not the book, and the life, not the text, are decisive and constitutive for us.

Alex, I’m pretty sure I already know what your response to this will be …

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Moments in Ministry: An occasional series

The Intern Phase is meant to be a time of intensive learning about ministry. After the Mount Macedon Service in the Park a few weeks ago, one thing I have learned is that it is best not to have communion in a place frequented by magpies. (Breaking bread with a mother and baby magpie hovering at my shoulder was somewhat nerve-wracking.) Also, using a picnic table as the communion table is very hard on the knees. (I had to kneel on one of the immovable bench seats in order to preside.)  Continue reading

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