Avril at Romsey

… and Lancefield and Riddells Creek and Mount Macedon

You are not going to believe this …

I’m meant to be getting ready to go and serve hot cross buns to people at the local farmers’ market, but I just had to tell you about this first.

Sitting in my lounge room, eating toast, drinking coffee, reading the paper, I hear a strange banging noise coming from outside. Look out, can’t see anything. Go back to reading. Then I hear the sound of something hitting my rubbish bin. Stand up, look out again and see – a KANGAROO. Kangaroo bounces around my car port for a while, before heading back down the driveway and out onto the street.

I’ve had to watch out for kangaroos while driving – but I’ve never had one actually in my garden before. I think my semi-rural town just became officially rural.


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Sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Lent

Today the lectionary gave us the story of the death and raising of Lazarus. Rev. Dr Richard Treloar preached on this passage on the day that I was inducted into a Field Education Placement in Trinity College Chapel in 2005. Four weeks later, I used the passage at the memorial service for three of the Janet Clarke Hall students who had been killed in a car accident over the Easter holidays. It is a pericope that means a lot to me; it is also one that I find it hard to preach on. Here’s today’s effort. Continue reading

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