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Nice messages from around the world

Okay, the good thing about not having an ordination date yet (and having to shame-facedly confess that to everyone I’d told about it) is the encouraging message I’ve got from everywhere along the lines of: “don’t take this personally”; “you’ll be a great minister whenever the church gets round to ordaining you”; “we’ll try and be there whenever it is”. Thank you, kind people.

And I have been told that the delay is nothing personal; that it’s about the transition from Yarra Valley Presbytery to Yarra Yarra Presbytery. (If that sentence makes no sense to you – rejoice! It’s all about the Uniting Church being organised in a series of related councils. Most Uniting Church people don’t understand it.)

Anyway, now I’m hoping that it will be in September 2008. As soon as I told various people the date was in April they organised overseas trips and weddings (seriously!) so they wouldn’t clash. September is, I think, the first non-clashing month. And might give people enough time to get visas from various overseas countries. (Assuming the decision is made soon-ish.)

Alex, my dear, the church isn’t that bad! It’ll all be okay – they’re not saying that they’re NOT going to ordain me. They just don’t know when it will happen. But thank you. When I’m feeling pathetically unappreciated I’ll reread your comment and think, “Well, the church may not appreciate me but some people do!”


February 29, 2008 - Posted by | Life, etc., Ministry


  1. They know the mysteries of life, the face of god, what colour robes and candles pleases Jesus, how to organises councils after presbyteries after ministries after committees, that their holy book is the real one and not the other holy books; and exactly what kind of wafers metaphorically transubstantiate (without actually doing so, as that would mean a war or having to have bishops and be homophobic[er])

    and they don’t know when to tell you what you already know about who you already are.

    I repeat: CRETINS!

    Comment by Alex | February 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. battle on avvers. i’m pretty sure that at the end of everything, the church are probably like every other employer- they have the best of intentions but bureaucracy just ruins everything! i will be at your ordination whenever it is. unless it’s during my first overseas trip… which, funnily enough is in september! maybe tim or someone can set up a live internet link to the ordination so that if i happen to be in san fran when it happens, tom and i can watch together!!


    Comment by Rosie | March 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. Avril – I long ago realised that the universe has a sense of humour, and that it is my fate to be the vehicle of its transmission. Maybe you are just fated to share my fate!!!

    And never under-estimate the constructive power of negative thinking: I passed Biblical Greek by resigning myself to the fact that I was going to fail; as soon as I did that, the pressure came off and I passed against all expectation.

    And in the meantime – nil illegitimo carburundum!

    Comment by Brendan | March 5, 2008 | Reply

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