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STOP PRESS: I DON’T have an ordination date

Sorry, I misunderstood the meeting I had with one of the Presbytery Ministers last week. A date has not been set for my ordination and when it is set it almost undoubtedly won’t be April 13. Very, very sorry about that.

 (Going to do some get-rid-of-frustration gardening. Weeds will die!)


February 27, 2008 - Posted by | Life, etc., Ministry


  1. Dear Avril,
    First up I think its ex-Bossey Grad school survivors like me that read your blog! (Did you see that the totem pole got the axe and has been ‘recycled’ lad into earth outside the library.)
    Second…a mad world that is the UK/CofE has decided that we will get no Easter holiday but a spring holiday and that this will be just when I have to submit ie; being STILL WRITING ministerial academic assignments……….so it had shaped up that there was no way we would be with you on your ordination if the date was the 13th april……………BUT WHOPPEE if it changes to later in year and maybe we can work some magic and pray.
    Am empting a bottle(or maybe a coffee cup) with Anna next week & will give her your best. God bless you. Linda W

    Comment by linda w | February 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. If they don’t do it soon I may threaten them with physical harm. C’mon, seriously, how many hoops do these cretins want you to jump through? It’s getting ridiculous. You were delayed a year already, kept at uni… because they wanted you OUT of uni, have moved where you’ve been told and now run a million tiny churches whose congregations know that for all practical purposes you ARE their minister. This is just silly.

    And I’m less sure that you misunderstand what they said than that they remain, as always, deeply divided and dysfunctional. They probably changed their mind. Which is mindless!

    Their only hope as an institution is bright, lovely, loving, caring, passionate and YOUNG (relatively) people like yourself. It’s the only way to compete with the brainwashed hillsongers, the only way to be relevant and meaningful without being divisive and hateful.

    If god doesn’t want you as a minister then she doesn’t deserve you. But I don’t believe in god, so it’s not him/her/it in your way. It’s these idiotic bureaucracies.

    I don’t accept your beliefs, but I will always honour your passion, your focus and your determination to achieve ministry. It seems those who use your service don’t realise how precious you are- not just to any god, but to the lives of the people you have touched, in and out of robes and churches, for year after year after year.

    This makes me so incredibly angry. And of course, your generally calm (weeding aside) acceptance merely proves how wrong they are, and reacting like I do would prove a point for them. But honestly, do they WANT to commit institutional suicide?

    You made Jesus being baptised (almost) make sense. To ME! That any church would treat such skill and knowledge, not to mention your peerless pastoral skills with such contempt is beyond me.

    And I have so much more respect for you than I ever will of them.


    Comment by Alex | February 28, 2008 | Reply

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