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Is there anything worse than buying clothes? Well, there’s genocide and racism and homophobia and stuff like that but, seriously, of all the things that make me squirm inside at the moment clothes buying is pretty high. I can only manage to do it once every couple of years, which sadly means that all my clothes seem to wear out at once and when I shop I need to shop big.

And why do trousers wear out faster than tops? I have jumpers and windcheaters that are over a decade old (and probably look it) yet are still wearable, but trousers get holes in inconvenient, difficult to patch, places after two years.

Then there’s the trouble of finding things that feel comfortable, and the worry that the trousers I’ve just bought were made by exploited outworkers in Australia or factory workers in China, and the horror of seeing myself from behind in those three-way-mirror changing rooms. In ordinary life I never see myself from behind and I’ve got to say that I’m quite comfortable with that.

Anyway, I spent an inordinate amount of time in a shopping centre on my day off this Monday and I now own three new pairs of ‘wear to church and preach’ trousers and two new pairs of jeans. After the horror of purchasing them I bought myself The Amazing Spider-Man Volume Six: Happy Birthday, which made my slightly happier.

And, on another topic altogether why, at JB Hi-Fi, are Buffy, Angel and Charmed in the TV – Action section, while Supernatural and Stargate SG1 are in the TV – Sci-Fi section? What’s with that? And why are the new Doctor Whos (which seem to hover in a special BBC section) so bloody expensive?

As you can probably tell by these rants, my life is way too comfortable at the moment. If the worst thing in my life at the moment is clothes shopping then I probably need to get out more.


October 3, 2007 - Posted by | Life, etc., Pop Culture


  1. Like librarians the poor people at JB are expected to know how to classify everything. Actually I think their definitions are good. Buffy, Angel and Charmed are more action/drama with supernatural themes. Whereas Supernatural is horror which is a sub-section of Science Fiction, and Stargate is Science Fiction.
    Doctor Who is expensive because it’s popular currently. The price is of course determined by the market.
    You need a public library like ours where all these programs are available to borrow.

    Comment by Pete | October 5, 2007 | Reply

  2. Pete, normally I would bow to your superior pop culture wisdom. But in this case: there is no way that you can argue that Charmed has more action than Supernatural or, conversely, that Supernatural has more Sci Fi than Charmed.

    And if you want to argue I have eight seasons of Charmed and two seasons of Supernatural for you to watch next time you’re up here!

    Comment by Avril | October 8, 2007 | Reply

  3. I will argue, all the above decisions are arbitary as there are no set rules about where things should be placed on the shop floor, or library. So we are both right. The main thing JB is getting you to do is visit other parts of their store hoping you will be tempted by something else.
    I’m sorry but eight seasons of Charmed sounds like a torture that has been outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

    Comment by Pete | October 9, 2007 | Reply

  4. I would add that JB’s is chronically unable to use standard cataloging rules. I remember when I wanted to buy 8 Femmes (not called “Huit Femmes” (spelling an absolute guess), I note, nor even “Eight Women”…. I naturally went to the very beginning of the movies, before “A”, where anything beginning with a numeral ought to be. No 8 Femmes. So I checked the “foreign language” section. It being in French, it seemed to be the next-most logical place. No 8 Femmes.

    I found it – eventually – under “E”. For “Eight”. And “10 Things I Hate About You” is under “T”.

    Comment by Heidi | October 9, 2007 | Reply

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