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My first art purchase

The Sharman’s VesselThe Sharman’s VesselThe Sharman’s Vessel

I just collected the first piece of original art that I have ever bought. (I love having a regular income!) It is a small bronze, made by Bev MacLean, called The Sharman’s Vessel. It was made as part of an event called Outside the Square II.

The Sharman’s Vessel 2

Outside the Square II took fifty artists from the Macedon Ranges, painters, writers, sculptors, musicians, who all made something in an unfamiliar medium. This year that medium was bronze; last year, the artists worked in glass. Then a silent auction was held at the Mad Gallery in Lancefield, with all proceeds going to provide a scholarship for an art student from the Macedon Ranges.

The Sharman’s Vessel spoke to me from the moment I saw it. This little figure, arms outstretched, travelling in what looks to me like an old-fashioned bathtub with a goat’s head, seemed to sum up exactly how I have been feeling since I began my Intern placement. There’s a sense of excitement, of the figure embracing the world, of the ridiculousness of travelling in a bathtub, the religious role of a ‘Sharman’ (sic). I wanted this bronze. So at lunchtime I made my first bid: the minimum $65.

When I got back to the gallery that afternoon, I found that four other people had made bids and the last bid was $100. I decided that I really wanted this bronze, so I bid again, $110. And almost immediately there was a bid of $120 and then another of $130. I decided I could go higher, and did. David Noble, who is a member of the Lancefield congregation, dropped out – apparently because I went white and my eyes became enormous when I was talking to him about it. Mike Jones dropped out after I met him and he discovered that I was the new Uniting Church minister – a perk of the job? I have no idea why Richard Dunn stopped bidding – maybe $160 was his limit. But in the end, after lurking in front of the sheet of paper so I could add $5 to what anyone else bid up ’til the end of bidding, I bought The Sharman’s Vessel.

Bev MacLean  The Silent AuctionThe Silent AuctionThe Silent Auction

Now I just need to find somewhere to display it, and something to display it on.




July 3, 2007 - Posted by | Slightly Higher Culture

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  1. I like the look of your new piece of art. I feel it also has a touch of the Leunig’s about it as well, and let’s face it Ministers are Shaman’s in better outfits.
    And scaring people out of the auction because you’re the local minister is a great perk, hopefully it extends to other things as well.

    Comment by Pete | July 5, 2007 | Reply

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